Friday, December 11, 2009

just one...

more to come................

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

holiday dress...

I just ordered this today ... I'm ready for some parties.
I heart Trina Turk

our november

was perfect....... the day was beautiful the weather was amazing. Everyone we loved was there including the pug Mr Willie (thanks to my uncle scott for watching him and making it possible for us to have him there) Im so very lucky to be married to my best friend.

*Photography courtesy of Cathryn Farnsworth

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


For the most part its October. Shocking really. The best part of october its that its almost halloween. Now I'm not the type that goes out and parties all night.... or dresses up (except for Anna's birthday and now Max's) but all the same its not like me to get WAY into it. One thing I do love to do is bake and dress up the Pug. Last year he was yoda. WAY CUTE. I went shopping at target and there is so many new outfits for him I think this year he's going to be a chicken..... or maybe a pig.

I really want to bake these....  I think its cute for all my vampire friends. 
you can read her way fun blog here...

Monday, September 28, 2009


monday and I'm home sick today..... been home sick for over a week I'm so OVER it. I've got lots to do. I don't have time for sickness. still have about 100 lbs to loose in 2 months and a wedding to work on. so this post sums up my attitude. I did take the pug on a long walk today that kinda helped. He got to play with his girlfriend. He's a happy boy ..... at least one of us is :)

this is my new favorite time vampire..... here. and where I stole the pictures.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

pug butt

Sunday, September 20, 2009

62 days

till this.......................... I would love to say that it was all taken care of ... that we were REEEAADDDDYyyyyyy to RRRRUUUMMMMble but that would be a bold face lie. I hate liars. I have so much to do still the list feels at times never ending. And just to slow down my ADD even more I feel like im getting sick. So I took the day off from everyone went spinning at 8 am came home and went back to bed. Thank god its Sunday because BRIDEZILLA's  is on marathon and nothing is better than angry, chubby , bridezillas. OH and the EMMYS I love love LOVE all the fashion, the dresses, the hair. I'm on a bed ridden TV overload. WATCHOUT!

ps. i know you all know where this image is from best video of all time.

Monday, July 27, 2009


wedding porn.

 Willie wants me to have these for the wedding I know he does..... I can't find them in stores anymore but I am checking the super fancy BH shops today ....  i NEED them... so cute uh. Maybe I can search for the on the interweb.

oh and P.S. they are jellies.... YA  jellies.... amazing :)

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

more mountain pug ...

                                            this was the river view right in front of our cabin it was
                    so nice  to hear it all night long.....
    i got the wild idea to put a "glow stick" on the pug
    it was so dark at night i felt like i couldn't see the wild 
    guy so i stuck a glow stick on him....he looked like a 
                       raver... RAVER PUG :)

 This was one of the most relaxing vacations I have ever been on so sad it was only a few days, but it felt like we were there for weeks. Willie wouldn't care much about this but all of our cell phone's had NO service for DAYS! Once we got over the shock of things not working ... we loved being totally UN- plugged it was really nice no computers , cell phones , facebooking (willie loves to facebook) wedding talking...... just good "ol' (as the big guy calls it) RADIO SILENCE" and it was nice. We didn't drive back on highway 1 that might be the  drive from hell. My feelings are that  hell is filled with huge clifts with no guard rails... so we drove a hour out of the way and went up to to Carmel , Monterey and took the 101 home way better just a little longer. but well worth it. I wanted the BIG GUY to stop at NEVERLAND it's right off the 101 to pay some respects to the king of pop, but we didn't we stoped at INN & OUT and got a grilled cheese.... that might have been better. Next trip Neverland Ranch :)


We spent the 4th of july in Big Sur CA this weekend it was so much fun..... willie ran into the ocean with No fear. We camped ate hiked... drove we had a blast. here are a few pictures of the little guy chillin @ the beach more to come.....

Monday, June 1, 2009


I lost a dear friend this week.... I loved him sometimes more than I loved my own father. Now I miss him like I miss my dad. Now I'm mad at him like I'm mad at my dad. He's gone and I miss him. we haven't talked  for over a year, because I no longer talk to his daughter and I didn't ever feel right about calling him I took that for granted because part of me just figured that someday the dust would settle and I could reach out and call him ..... or I would be in maui and just stop in for a drink and a tofu scramble. That time has passed, the dust did settle and I'm angry. Worried about my friend who was like a  sister to me. I know he's happy now and at peace. Peace will come in time for everyone else. 

i wish i could go home and hug her, but i cant.

I'm a bad blogger.

i just forget to post.... i read too many blogs, i forget about mine. here are a few pictures ( the first one is my favorite)  of willie and his buddy bandit in san diego he's my brothers dog and they heart each other like crazy. ill try and be a better blogger!

Monday, April 13, 2009


                                   life has been crazy these days... wedding planning, working ....  just life! but here is a a update of what we have been doing. i made this bunny cake for easter it was so fun to make... i really didn't think i could do it but i did! the rest here well thats willie :) this one below is from today we were with my aunt for her birthday and this is their old girl annie , it was so cute to see them together. its like they know they are the same.


and this is how we found him one day when we both got home..... you would think that we never feed him. he's a cute chubby thing. 

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

tuesday fun day

so i got a new camera thanks to the big guy for my birthday... AMAZING, its a cannon G10. i don't even know how it works maybe a good idea if i read the book that came with it. then i could love it more. so here are a few from today. i spent the morning hiking with a long lost friend that i'm so happy to be re-connecting with. but i didn't take willie, for some reason i think mister chubby pants couldn't get up the hill its quite steep and i have a hard time getting up that thing. we had to go to the emergency vet last tuesday because of a ear infection that went south.. :( poor baby.  the vet the called him "voluptuous" he's 21 LBS. *sigh* chubby baby. i thinks he's just "big boned".

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

more LA rain....

like most dogs and people willie hates the rain, he's so LA. I on the other hand LOVE it. i haven't been blogging lately i've been in a wedding planning coma. I'm taking a break today. NO wedding work. this last picture i took this morning the sky was amazing we don't get much weather here in LA so when we do i have to document it. oh and the middle picture well i'm convinced that willie thinks he's a cat, he now has to sit on my head when i am sitting on sofa. that willie is a strange little guy but i love the crap out of him.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

pugs. i heart them.

i've been slacking on my blogging as of late, life has been super busy with life :(  
but here is a blast from the past.... the first pug here is SEAMUS. we has my first baby he's no longer with us but he was a cute smelly guy, he often smelled like poop. but i loved him so much, he was a good boy. 

the second little one is TILLY, she was my grandmas first pug she is the reason we all have pugs my grandma lives in hawaii since this doggie we have all had a pug my aunts uncles mom...AND me we are all pug CRAZY! and i love it.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

oh happy day

Today we made history. And after 8 years I am proud to say that I'm an American. 

Monday, January 19, 2009

my brithday

this weekend was my birthday it was a amazing weekend full of friends and food ( lot's of food ) so for the last party of the weekend chris got me this cake. it's so cute it hurts. last night i couldn't eat his little face however , i might break down later today it is red velvet. that can't sit around for very long :). the second picture is where we are getting married. i'm so happy. it's amazing.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


for my wedding.
So I'm getting married and its all I can think about... I've lost the will to interweb anything else than wedding blogs!!! One would say that I've lost my mind. I have. Really its hard to wrap your head around planing a event that everyone says you don't remember because it goes by so fast. And don't get me started on the price we plan on doing it for "cheap" but "cheap" is still the same price as a honda , down payment on a house , a 2 month long vacation in europe .... ( you get the point ) well I won't be that girl because ill have this. I plan on renting a pack of pugs along with Willie that look like this to walk me down the isle. And I'm sure it will make me happy and never forget my "big" day.

am I kidding?
um NO.
Im crazy like a lightning bolt!!!