Tuesday, July 7, 2009

more mountain pug ...

                                            this was the river view right in front of our cabin it was
                    so nice  to hear it all night long.....
    i got the wild idea to put a "glow stick" on the pug
    it was so dark at night i felt like i couldn't see the wild 
    guy so i stuck a glow stick on him....he looked like a 
                       raver... RAVER PUG :)

 This was one of the most relaxing vacations I have ever been on so sad it was only a few days, but it felt like we were there for weeks. Willie wouldn't care much about this but all of our cell phone's had NO service for DAYS! Once we got over the shock of things not working ... we loved being totally UN- plugged it was really nice no computers , cell phones , facebooking (willie loves to facebook) wedding talking...... just good "ol' (as the big guy calls it) RADIO SILENCE" and it was nice. We didn't drive back on highway 1 that might be the  drive from hell. My feelings are that  hell is filled with huge clifts with no guard rails... so we drove a hour out of the way and went up to to Carmel , Monterey and took the 101 home way better just a little longer. but well worth it. I wanted the BIG GUY to stop at NEVERLAND it's right off the 101 to pay some respects to the king of pop, but we didn't we stoped at INN & OUT and got a grilled cheese.... that might have been better. Next trip Neverland Ranch :)

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Chris said...

That was such a great time. Nice pictures of Willie
au natural. Xo-FM