Sunday, September 20, 2009

62 days

till this.......................... I would love to say that it was all taken care of ... that we were REEEAADDDDYyyyyyy to RRRRUUUMMMMble but that would be a bold face lie. I hate liars. I have so much to do still the list feels at times never ending. And just to slow down my ADD even more I feel like im getting sick. So I took the day off from everyone went spinning at 8 am came home and went back to bed. Thank god its Sunday because BRIDEZILLA's  is on marathon and nothing is better than angry, chubby , bridezillas. OH and the EMMYS I love love LOVE all the fashion, the dresses, the hair. I'm on a bed ridden TV overload. WATCHOUT!

ps. i know you all know where this image is from best video of all time.

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Jenny Humpfrey said...

You're totaly right, the best clip and song ever, I'm gonna marry with this dress! guns is the best! Xoxo :*