Tuesday, January 13, 2009


for my wedding.
So I'm getting married and its all I can think about... I've lost the will to interweb anything else than wedding blogs!!! One would say that I've lost my mind. I have. Really its hard to wrap your head around planing a event that everyone says you don't remember because it goes by so fast. And don't get me started on the price we plan on doing it for "cheap" but "cheap" is still the same price as a honda , down payment on a house , a 2 month long vacation in europe .... ( you get the point ) well I won't be that girl because ill have this. I plan on renting a pack of pugs along with Willie that look like this to walk me down the isle. And I'm sure it will make me happy and never forget my "big" day.

am I kidding?
um NO.
Im crazy like a lightning bolt!!!


monkey said...

i might be staging an intervention for you very soon.

Anonymous said...

pack of pugs!! pack of pugs!! ok...so i also have a problem....just remember...it's YOUR day. be as crazy a you want!