Monday, June 1, 2009


I lost a dear friend this week.... I loved him sometimes more than I loved my own father. Now I miss him like I miss my dad. Now I'm mad at him like I'm mad at my dad. He's gone and I miss him. we haven't talked  for over a year, because I no longer talk to his daughter and I didn't ever feel right about calling him I took that for granted because part of me just figured that someday the dust would settle and I could reach out and call him ..... or I would be in maui and just stop in for a drink and a tofu scramble. That time has passed, the dust did settle and I'm angry. Worried about my friend who was like a  sister to me. I know he's happy now and at peace. Peace will come in time for everyone else. 

i wish i could go home and hug her, but i cant.

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krista said...

i don't really have words.