Tuesday, November 11, 2008


When I started this blog the last thing I wanted to do is have this be my political soap box if you will. I feel very strong about this issue so I had to post this video on what i like to call "prop hate" This post has nothing to do with my pug... or his life, it has to do with my life and well when I'm sad that little guy is sad too... i feel like keith said everything I feel... just better than I can get the words out... its a very human issue..... here in California its a sad day when chicken's have more rights than a human, I'm a Vegetarian.


Nevis said...

Hello there! :) Willie is adorable! And he can't be the laziest pug! That's my Rukia!

monkey said...

dude! i saw this last night...we're totally on the same page.
except i'm a lapsed vegetarian.